All for One: Route 66 as a Team Challenge – in honourable memory of our passed away colleague Michael Allmis

Today is a special day as our entire Orange Team remembers a special person: Michael Allmis, who we had to say goodbye to at the begining of September, before his 37th birthday today. Michael was a firmly integrated member of our Orange Family who was more than appreciated by everyone, as well as an extraordinarily talented media designer and photographer. He always enriched the ICUnet.Group with his passionately created designs.

Michael was diagnosed with an incurable disease in late spring. We were all shocked. Despite his difficult situation, it was important for him to come back to our company. In conversation, our CEO and founder Dr. Fritz Audebert asked him if he still had any lifetime dreams or wanted to experience something special. Michael didn’t think twice and had a clear answer: the Route 66. Dr. Fritz Audebert said: “Michael, please ask your doctor today if you can do this journey in a camper van from Chicago to Santa Barbara/Los Angeles. The company will pay this trip for you. You are more than worth it to us.” His call in the evening was devastating. The doctors said he would not make it.

Within a day, the whole team mobilised. We wanted Michael to participate virtually in a joint tour on Route 66; to travel the entire distance from Chicago to LA with Michael, so to speak. Whether on foot, by bike, swimming, climbing or crawling every time someone moved, we made a little progress together on our virtual map.

This way, Michael was able to realise his dream of Route 66, at least in this way, and to enjoy daily personal messages and photos from his colleagues, who were always with him in thought until the end, because when we had completed the 2,290 miles in less than a month, we walked the route back together. So much team spirit and commitment was really moving. During Dr Fritz Audebert’s funeral speech, we realised once again what a unique person we had lost as a colleague.

Michael crafted his graphics for the ICUnet.Group with so much passion and that they had more than just recognition value. They expressed much more the whole personality of the company visually. We are very grateful for all his valuable works, which will have meaning even after his death. Think-about what Michael left behind with us.

Our thoughts continue to be with him and his family especially today, of course, on his/your birthday, dear Michael.
Rest in peace.

Michael was a humble, unique and kind-hearted person in whose presence one could only feel comfortable. He remains unforgotten.