BEST OF 2016 – With the ICU® Relocation App on the Path to International Success

Clearly designed, user-friendly and developed especially for international assignment: The ICU® Relocation App ideally supports relocation manager and their international assignees. The innovation has now also been rewarded by the German „Initiative Mittelstand“.
ICUnet.AG thereby again received an award – this time as BEST OF 2016 in the field of industry software. Within the framework of the IT INNOVATION AWARD, the newly developed ICU® Relocation App was included in the list of best. It is the first tool of its kind and sets a benchmark in its field toward digitalization. The ICU® Relocation App will convince you through its user-friendliness, transparency and flexibility in the coordination and transaction of guided consulting tours.

The IT INNOVATION AWARD for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

The IT list of best awards companies and their products that offer new and appropriate IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. From apps, through e-commerce and IT security to knowledge management – the IT list of best presents the winners of the most innovative products and solutions for SMEs and their especially innovative submissions for the IT INNOVATION AWARD.

Globally Mobile with the ICU® Relocation App – Innovation for on the Go

During an orientation tour at the place of destination, accompanied by a relocation manager of ICUnet.AG, the assignee is provided with an Apple iPad and the preinstalled ICU® Relocation App, which presents housing exposés, districts, infrastructure, etc. in a concentrated form and therefore gets rid of tiresome and unmanageable piles of paperwork. Apart from descriptions, key figures, images of the real estates to visit or points-of-interest, information on the place or country of destination and an interactive map view with a GPS function are provided. Because of the intuitive handling, consulting tours can be experienced more innovative, interactive and structured. Relocation becomes a relaxing walk.

Everything from One Source: Holistic Accompaniment and Transaction of Assignments with IND and the New Relocation App

 “The vision of the ICU® relocation app has followed two directions. Both assignees and the staff in the consultation field stand to benefit from the innovation. For assignees, the focus is on the new experience and the coolness factor which lift relocation onto a new level as well as its clarity and transparency.

The recurring themes during the orientation tours of our consultants have given rise to the development of a standardized, simplified but highly modern procedure. Points of interest, nursery schools or public institutions of a city appear repeatedly and can be detected as standard elements. On both sides, time and cost savings represent an added value.” Philipp Feigl, Head of IT, ICUnet.AG
The specifically developed ICU® Relocation App is a further step towards process optimization and simplification in order to professionalize global mobility management. Together with the award-winning Relocation software ICU next Destination (IND) (Best of Industry Software, IT Innovation Award ’13 and ’14), the iOS application offers a holistic solution to foreign assignment worldwide.

More information on the "Initative Mittelstand" and the IT INNOVATION AWARD 2016