ICUnet.Group repeatedly belongs to the excellence class in the B2B sector

The “TOP SERVICE Germany” organiser CR Management Consulting GmbH, media partner Handelsblatt and the Institute for Market-Oriented Management at the University of Mannheim awarded the prizes to particularly customer-oriented companies in Germany on 10 June 2022. ICUnet.Group scored again in this leading competition for service quality and customer orientation and was included in the excellence group of the best B2B companies.

The core competencies, the customer-oriented service management with customised offers at fair prices and the solution-oriented teamwork in the interest of the customers have again convinced the surveyed customers of ICUnet.Group. To participate in the award, customers were asked about their personal experiences with the ICUnet.Group and the management of the ICUnet.Group provided comprehensive self-disclosure. The subsequent evaluation and result is based on a scientifically sound analysis of customer orientation.