Equip your assignees with a Global Mobility app that makes a difference.

Expat Suite

The assignees of the future are getting younger and younger. And more digitally savvy. We see this trend not only in our industry. Mobile-first will play a major role in shaping the next decades, which is why web applications need to be transformed.

We are therefore developing our IND into a mobile-first solution for the assignee in the long term. We already have a mobile app with basic functions such as status tracking, data upload, and communication.

We will continue to drive this in the coming months while better tracking assignee preferences. This is our forward-looking investment in the assignee experience.

With the help of AI and Big Data, we will be able to better predict the behaviors and preferences of your assignees, allowing us to tailor our offerings to meet the needs of your assignees and their families even more individually.

UI/UX Design

UI design focuses on the look of a digital application and UX design, on the other hand, aims to provide the user with a positive user experience. With our UI/UX designers we set the highest standards for the usability of our app – an essential contribution to the assignee experience.

24/7 – worldwide coverage

The advantage of mobile-first: An app is always and everywhere available. It creates transparency and trust – and in the worst case, it is the direct SOS platform if something has gone wrong or is not working. As a result, your assignees are always well taken care of.

Smart notifications

An assignment process consists of an extremely large number of sub-steps. Keeping track of this is a challenge for many assignees. The intelligent notification functions of the Expat Suite remind the assignee and the family of the next specific steps, deadlines, document requirements, etc. at every important point in time.


Everything at hand

The Expat Suite guides your assignee and his family through four major content blocks: Immigration, Relocation, Relocation and Learning & Development. Everything needed for the assignment can be found and stored in this app.


The IND prefers a SPOC approach – this also means that the expat suite must simplify the communication channels. With a chat function within the app, the assignee can get in touch with his coordinator and advisor at any time. In addition, a chatbot provides him with immediate support for frequently asked questions.


Everything – from communications to documents and lease signatures – can be stored in the Expat Suite app. All relevant stakeholders can access the stored files and information, reducing time and effort. This is also a great advantage in repatriation processes.

And how can our IND change your global mobility aspirations?
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Und wie kann unser IND Ihre globale Mobilitätsbestrebungen verändern?
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