Save costs, time and effort while improving the experience of your assignees

Immigration Management

Immigration management is an essential part of the relocation process. It is upstream and determines the further process steps. Therefore, it is important to create a user-friendly framework for issuing visas and work permits.

For this, we need a variety of documents – from identification documents to employment contracts. The assignee and his family are guided through a streamlined digital form. All documents are stored encrypted according to the highest GDPR standards and are available to all authorized parties for the further process at the click of a mouse.

The IND algorithms allow us to make quick statements about the feasibility of work permits and thus shorten the preparation time for your talents.

Ease of use

Your assignees should be able to concentrate fully on their job. That’s why we designed the IND so that all necessary documents can be uploaded via drag & drop and can be retrieved at any time. Believe it or not, it happens more often than you think: Nearly every 10th assignee loses his personal documents during the assignment.

Secure document management

Personal data is our most valuable asset. That’s why we encrypt all documents and information according to the GDPR standard and store them in a protected environment.

Move Management

Relocation is a critical step in an assignment. It is time-consuming for the assignee and costly for your company. Our relocation management at IND offers a breakthrough solution to both challenges:

Assignee Move Experience

In the status quo, the assignee must endure several inspections of their belongings. The movers need this to estimate the price and scope of the move. This costs valuable time. We shorten the process. The IND offers a digital survey function by only one independent surveyor. A consultant guides your employees through the entire survey process via video conference and records the packing list including any previous damage. This is important so that no insurance-related problems arise at a later date. At the same time, we are dealing with very personal moving goods. The assignee has full transparency over the entire process of where his furniture is – until it is delivered to him at the new address.

HR Move Experience

For you as an HR, the moving goods evaluation is a Pandora’s box. You can compare prices, but you cannot judge whether the estimated volume is correct. Our consultants’ independent estimate gives you a transparent basis for comparison. And we go one step further: from the moment we have estimated the volume, we place the moving order on IND’s internal pitch platform. Qualified moving companies now have the opportunity to submit bids for the moves. This allows you to achieve additional cost savings – on average between 5 and 15% of the total volume.

Full transparency

Since all relevant stakeholders are connected to the IND and thus all processes run in the IND, you get a real-time picture of open costs and reimbursements. You always have an overview.

Automated payment runs

With API interfaces to your ERP system, the IND is able to capture payment and reimbursement requests automatically. You and your finance department save time and effort.

Quality measures

Another effect of our transparent move management: we are able to check the quality of each individual moving company and can thus guarantee that we have only the most efficient movers on board.

Destination Services

Depending on the agreement, your talents will receive additional services: from orientation tour to housing search to finding a school.

We call these services Destination Services – because they have to be provided locally and cannot be implemented remotely. For this purpose, ICUnet.Group works with thousands of partners and consultants.

This creates interfaces that have to be managed in a lean way to keep the effort for the assignee and his family as low as possible. The IND assumes the role of technical intermediary here. All communication, organization and documentation takes place via the IND. We follow the one-platform approach, which makes all relevant information available to all parties in real time.

This feature also contributes to the assignee experience and is an integral part of our IND. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we will soon be able to automate addressing and management in an even more personalized way.

Organization & Planning

The IND enables our consultants to plan and organize all destination services with your assignee. He has full transparency and control and receives notifications on important issues.

Stakeholder Management

With IND, your assignee, the consultants and you as HR never lose control of the process. Everyone knows where they are in the process and what to expect next, and can also track past steps.

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