Use the reporting
for your management and decision-making processes.


With the IND, you have the wheel in your hand in the HR department. You set the pace and the strategic direction in which you want to drive. The IND is not only the engine room to drive your global mobility engine, but also a navigation device. If you know where you are and where you want to go, you can make targeted changes. The IND provides you with this information in comprehensive reporting.

This allows you to review the implementation of your global mobility strategy in detail and in real time. You get the data you need on your talent’s assignee experience as well as additional needs and requirements, clustered by location, time period, and KPI detail view.

You benefit from our data platform and customized reports on the future of global mobility strategies and the latest developments in assignment models and policies.

Thanks to the IND’s intensive reporting structure, you become the strategic driver of your business strategy and can lead your talents to individual project success in an even more targeted and rapid manner.


A simple, easy-to-use dashboard – fully customizable to your needs and booked services.

Real time data

The IND is fully automated, which means you get real-time data on most KPIs.

Visible changes

Satisfaction rates and other KPIs can change over time. It is important to recognize changes immediately in order to be able to react accordingly and promptly. All our KPIs show the changes and differences in a transparent and clear way.


About our data quality and sources as well as about your employees. With the IND you know exactly where each assignee is, since when, how long, with which order etc.. – everything at a glance.

Detailed analysis

The IND provides you not only with a user-friendly overview, but also with a detailed analysis via the defined KPIs. You can find detailed information about future potential and perform root cause analysis much faster.

Customizable KPIs

The IND comes with a proven set of KPIs. However, we recognize that you and your organization define individual KPIs tailored to your business strategy. The IND allows you to implement them with just a few clicks. Our process implementation team will walk you through how to set up these KPIs and how they can be measured.

Escalation and risk management

One of our customers once said: Orders are designed for failure alone. We would strongly disagree: Escalations and mistakes happen, but learning from them and establishing patterns to avoid them in the future is key. The IND provides detailed reports on escalations and guidelines for risk management.

Future-oriented reports

Global mobility models, strategies and policies will change with more digital collaboration platforms. Necessity is shifting and certain aspects of global mobility such as travel management and short-term assignments will become even more important. We provide you with reports on the future of global mobility as well as best practices based on our trillions of data points in IND and consulting services.

And how can our IND change your global mobility aspirations?
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Und wie kann unser IND Ihre globale Mobilitätsbestrebungen verändern?
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