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Digital Business Travel Management

32 different regulations, notification procedures, portals, liaison offices. The EU regulations are confusing and create an immense administrative burden. In order not to pass this administrative burden on to you or any other department of your company, the IND offers automated functions for business travel management: from the quick check whether a business travel request is necessary to the uncomplicated and fast application of the necessary documents. The IND does the work for you and your employees. This gives you a clear delineation of EU reporting requirements, bypasses language barriers and enables short lead times. With the IND you can be sure that the numerous, constant changes are always up-to-date.

Business Traveller
Quick Check

Our tool allows an assessment of EU declaration requirements with just one mouse click. This enables a case classification in relation to the EU declaration requirements, the visa (business or work visa) or the declaration and visa waiver


The IND provides you with compliance, due diligence and security guidelines for all your international business travel quickly and reliably. This allows you to classify individual cases, avoid financial losses due to fines and fulfill the employer’s duty of care.

A1 certificate and
EU notification

The complex process of data entry is mapped in the IND. You enter all the data for the business trip in IND. Our Business Travel Management team can then use this data directly, transfer it to other required programs and use it to apply for the A1 certificate or EU declaration.

Updates and
Knowledge management

We update our tool daily and include the changed regulations. We provide you with EU guidelines that keep you up to date. This knowledge management creates transparency and eliminates inefficiencies in expectation management and implementation.

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