Create assignmentsworkflows and increase employee productivity.

ND (Intelligent New Destination), our innovative digital ecosystem for global
workforce of international companies, simplifies the process of sending your
employees, saving time and significantly increasing the efficiency of your HR department.

HR Worklows

The demands on you in HR are increasing – your global mobility department is becoming more and more complex. Global assignments, for example, are given ever more flexible models and must withstand ever higher policy standards. The administrative effort is growing and at the same time the pressure from the business to save costs is increasing.

This development calls for lean processes – regardless of whether the company is a corporate group or a globally active medium-sized enterprise. Intelligent New Destination (IND) provides efficient, secure, and streamlined HR workflows that can be customized to meet your specific needs. This simplifies your internal and external interfaces, reduces the complexity of your extensive stakeholder landscape and gets the document flood under control. The IND gives you the tools you need to manage strategically instead of getting lost in administrative processes. Thanks to innovative web technology, the IND creates a higher output (faster and more cost-effective thanks to the global mobility process with greater satisfaction of all stakeholders). The IND combines a high level of usability with technologically advanced features.


All workflows in IND are adapted to your individual requirements. The Intelligent New Destination acts as a central platform that brings together all parties involved – redundant data is a thing of the past. The result: We save you up to 70% of the administrative effort with the highest, measurable process quality.

Process optimization

Our experience shows that process design in global mobility departments has great potential: Depending on focus and scope, 250+ process steps can quickly accumulate. The HR workflows
of IND can save up to 50% of these processes through automation and simplification of interfaces.

Efficiency coefficients

The IND delivers one thing above all: lean HR Global Mobility Management. And we can make this visible and measurable. The IND is not only a tool for you as HR or other participants in the process, but also a strategic steering instrument.

Assignee Perspective

Your assignees are on a mission. From a specific project assignment to setting up new structures (e.g., location) to acting as ambassadors for the company’s culture and values, each assignment is complex in itself, and this complexity increases abroad. It is therefore critical to align your employees’ framework with their mission. In other words, reduce the workload for expatriates and their families and create a true expatriate experience. The IND provides simplified, user-friendly workflows for expatriates to handle all administrative tasks quickly, easily and securely. Our IND creates transparency and emotional security for your employees’ most personal matters – from tax documents to an inherited piano to be shipped to their destination. The IND is the only assignment software that puts the assignee and their family at the center. We create a true posting journey and equip the assignee and their family with the right tools. The result is faster, better project success and lower assignment cancellation rates. This results in indirect cost savings of up to 1 million euros per assignment. Currently, about 40% of all employees leave their company within 3 years after their assignment abroad. With the IND Assignee Journey, you create a closer, longer-term relationship between your talent and your company.

Single Point of
Coordination (SPoC)

For us, the assignee perspective means a single point of coordination – the assignee always has direct and immediate access to his personal global mobility coordinator. All other parties involved access the assignee’s information via the IND. We massively streamline the interfaces for the assignee and thus save time and work.

End-to-end process

A real journey has a beginning and an end. The IND accompanies the assignee and the family from the first second to the last step of the process with full transparency. Through the web application and the accompanying mobile app, the assignee always knows where he is in the process, what is needed from him and what the next concrete steps will be.

Document Management

A global assignment often requires the most sensitive data: from income tax information to ID documents and medical records. This makes it all the more important that the IND is a high-security digital vault that has the latest encryption technology and guarantees all the data security provisions of the GDPR.

Integrated ecosystem

We strive to create an intelligent assignment ecosystem that provides a fully integrated system landscape. This means we build API interfaces to HRIS and other platforms that are central to your assignments. Whether it’s SAP, Workday or Oracle, we ensure a fully automated flow of data across all platforms
across all platforms with the highest data protection standards.

This enables real-time tracking and reduced time and effort for HR and employees. As of January 2021, our ecosystem consists of
the following platforms:

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