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for your global talents.

IND (Intelligent New Destination) our innovative digital ecosystem paired with our Global Mobility Services equips your Global Mobility and HR employees for the demands of the coming years.

Save costs and increase the efficiency
of your HR department.

Our platform is an employee and HR portal with an associated mobile app that guides your talent through every step of their expatriation journey with the right tools and expertise, reducing stress and helping them focus on their professional tasks

Assignee Perspective

Make sending your global talent a personalized experience with the help of our digital workflows. All in a global mobility ecosystem. IND brings all stakeholders together in a digital space that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

HR Perspective

Use interfaces and automated processes that are controllable and traceable in real time through intelligent HR workflows. With the IND you invest directly in the digital transformation strategy of your Global Mobility department.

Self-select your core Global Workforce target groups and turn this strategic added value into your competitive advantage.

With our IND, you can successfully manage your diverse and globally mobile workforce.

We know specifically what your global workforce needs because we work with them every day. Experience an ecosystem that engages all stakeholders of the respective core target group on their global journey, reduces interfaces, optimizes processes, and enables you to track and control the process – all within a data-driven order platform.

Expats & Assignees

Free yourself from redundant data, expensive administrative work and become a strategic driver to move your global mobility department forward. The IND is thereby a vicarious agent for the transactional HR activities and a personal assistant for the expat in one of the most stressful phases of his life.

Foreign Local Hires

Use the IND in your Global Mobility department in your solutions in the field of recruiting your professionals. With our IND, the Foreign Local Hire has one of the first touchpoints with your company, and it is all about a perfect Employee Experience. Our strategic partnerships with recruiters support you on the operational and strategic level. Our business consultants also accompany the integration process from a cultural perspective. The transactional activities that arise here can be covered cost-effectively by IND.

Business Travelers

Set the highest standards for compliance and data security for the most sensitive data about your employees. Here, the IND supports you as the central control unit that guides you through the process simply and intuitively and, above all, thinks along logically, based on previous business travels. The result – no stress, significantly reduced effort and highest compliance for your global talent. We don’t compromise when it comes to security.

Work from Anywhere Employees

What should you keep in mind to prevent turnover among your global employees? Attracting global talent is a challenge for any company – but retaining it is a real challenge. Benefit from our Quick Check solution for your Work from Anywhere Employees and find out whether and how Work from Anywhere is designed.

Understand what your talent really needs.

Gain a better understanding of your entire global mobility strategy with detailed insights and reports in one place.

Real time tracking

Always know where your talents are and what they need.

Detailed reporting

Transform data into reports and dashboards.

We work with companies to implement shared innovative visions for global mobility.

Co-Creation at ICUnet.Group means working together with our customers to successfully transform their strategies into real business added value. Our cooperation with Allianz is a prime example of this, which was freshly honored by German Stevie Awards and German Innovation Award, among others.

The IND (Intelligent New Destination) and KMPG LINK M ecosystem has revolutionized Allianz’s global mobility approach by simplifying and accelerating our processes. The features fully contribute to our “Simplicity Wins” strategy. I can recommend it to any major global mobility department!

Stefan Weinhofer
Head of Global Mobility . Allianz SE


Allianz’s decision to switch from the world’s largest moving and relocation provider to ICUnet.Group has more than paid off. The user experience has fundamentally changed for the better from the perspective of the HR department and especially from the perspective of Allianz employees worldwide.

With ICUnet.Group, Allianz was able to reinvent its global mobility activities within a very short time. We were convinced by the personal touch of the ICUnet team, the fully customized processes and the partnership experience in the daily collaboration. In collaboration with EY and KPMG, ICUnet.Group’s Intelligent New Destination tool (IND) was adapted to the specific needs of Allianz. The IND, which was jointly further developed and has won several awards, is now one of the most efficient global mobility tools with the best assignment experience worldwide.

Jürgen Zwerger
Distribution Management . Allianz Global Investors

Another example of our co-creation is the expert panel. 10 Heads of Global Mobility from the most important companies in Europe exchange ideas on specific problems in this area. We moderate and curate. Our innovative strength, coupled with precision and quality, has been tested and proven with the spearhead of the industry.

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