Allyship –

a key to Gender Balance



Gender Balance is a critical factor for business success. According to McKinsey&Company, companies with more than 30% women on their executive teams are significantly more likely to outperform those with less women. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go: It will take 267 more years to close the gender gap in economic participation and opportunity if we keep up the current rate of progress (Global Gender Gap Report 2021 World Economic Forum).

Fortunately, we are all able to make a difference! To reach gender balance, both women and especially men must advocate for it:

As a male ally, you choose to use your power, privilege, and influence to support the advancement of gender equality.

But how do you become a male ally? Start by trying out these 9 steps of Promundo’s “Road Map for Male Allyship”:

  1. Listen better. Seek opportunities to hear women’s stories, acknowledge their experiences, and inform other men.
  2. Reflect on your own power and privilege as a man.
  3. Credit ideas to those who came up with them.
  4. Advocate for women’s leadership and equality in the workplace and for pay equality.
  5. Speak up when you hear sexist language, and call other men out when they use it
  6. Learn to live with discomfort. Being an ally is about making change, not being comfortable.
  7. Step up at home. Advocate for work-life balance and paid leave for all caregivers. Men need to be full partners in childcare and chores.
  8. Volunteer for nonprofit organizations that do good work and support gender equity.
  9. Support diverse female leaders you believe in.

What are you already doing to promote gender quality? We look forward to hearing about your ideas on our LinkedIn channel!