Discussion about the „European

Way of Life”

How do we Europeans want to shape our future European Way of Life? Showing more strength and capacity to act externally and living a citizen-oriented, economically and socially strong Europe internally – this statement came out at Bavaria’s first virtual state reception. Melanie Huml, Bavarian State Minister for European Affairs and International Affairs, Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bartosch, President of the University of Passau, took part in the 90-minute discussion. Dr Fritz Audebert, the initiator of #(p)rethinkeurope, moderated the virtual event.

In recorded interview videos, Passau voices such as Rosemarie Weber, Chair of the European Weeks, Angelika Diekmann, founder of the PNP event series „People in Europe” and Dr Jan Geiß, Secretary General of European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources, commented on the role of their city in Europe.

As part of the online panel, the story of an alien „The Stranger – From a traveller who came to Passau to learn about Europe” was presented and played in parts with questions to the discussants. The film was produced by ICUnet as part of the event series #(p)rethinkeurope.

At the end of the virtual state reception, the approximately 80 participants heard the European anthem interpreted by the “Sturmberger Feiertagsmusi”.

You can also read about Bavaria’s first virtual state reception in the press article by Franz Danninger, editor of Passauer Neue Presse.

Read more about the film: A loud bang and he’s landed: In search of answers, a traveller from far away comes to Passau to understand how Europe works. International and Passau interlocutors make him understand the core ideas of Europe. And they also explain why he is lucky to have landed in Passau of all places.