Review Diversity Month and Diversity Challenge

We say thank you! 🧑

We look back happily on the inspiring Diversity Month that lies behind us:
We were happyΒ  to come together regularly in May to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the ICUnet.Group. It was a great month with many inspiring exciting initiatives from our inclusion@icunet team. Once again, thank you for the varied, informative and entertaining programme! The sessions have given us valuable insights into the importance of diversity in the workplace and many practical strategies to promote a more inclusive environment.

We firmly believe that diversity makes us stronger, more innovative and well prepared to meet the challenges of our dynamic world. We are therefore very pleased that our inclusion@icunet project team, established in autumn 2022, will continue to foster diversity & inclusion – for example by participating in the Diversity Challenge. This is also about making a contribution in your own company to promote diversity & inclusion. Besides us, many other companies that have also signed the Charta der Vielfalt are competing in three possible categories:

1) Shaping Diversity, 2) Living Diversity and 3) Rethinking Diversity

For the second category, our inclusion@icunet team is working on a project for inclusive team events. Our goal is to create a culture where all colleagues feel valued and respected and where they can perfectly contribute their unique talents and perspectives.

How do you promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond?


D&I Ambassadors Starter Kit